Dog walking | Basic Dog Training

All prices shown are exclusive of GST which will be included on your invoice.

Walk times indicate start and stop at the walking location. Your dog may be out with us longer to cover pick up, drop off and drive times.


Regular Ramblers

For fit dogs who get along with others

Our most popular small group for reasonably fit and social dogs ! Your dog needs to have a good recall and walk well on lead. The group has 4 dogs maximum to ensure everyone is well looked after.

30 mins

1-2 days | $29 per walk

3-5 days | $28 per walk

60 mins

1-2 days | $44 per walk

3-5 days | $43 per walk


Choosy Ramblers

Regular walks with Book as You Go option

Regular weekly walks but can be different week days.


The clients can choose their days.


No frequency discount.

30 mins | $30 per walk


Puppy Pack

Walk & basic training for puppies under 1 year

Your pup will get a basic training sit-stay-wait-leave whilst in a fun and safe learning environment.

These sessions are one-to-one.

It's more fun when it's just one!

30 mins | from $35 per session

Price may vary depending on training requirements.


Power Pullers

For any power pullers or dogs without a good recall

Recommended for any dog that pulls on lead or does not have a good recall. Your dog will be given one to one solo walks with training.

If your dog settles with a good behaviour, we may look at introducing them into our group walks. 

30 mins | $40 per walk


Solo Sams

Perfect choice for those requiring individual attention

Perfect option for dogs with temperament problems or senior dogs who require their own personal space and individual attention.

Also for any others who prefer one to one walks.

30 mins | $35 per walk


Casual Clients

Holiday clients who need their dog walked only short term

Whilst you are away or in need of casual walk for your dog.


You can be  assured your pet gets out for fun and exercise and remains a happy dog.

30 mins | $40 per walk