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Welcome to Lil Luka Dog Walks Contractor Application Page

Before you register your interest in becoming a dog walker, please read the below requirements. If you think you would make a good dog walker, we will look forward to chatting with you.

Lil Luka Dog Walks


What's required

  • You need to be fit and healthy to walk our dogs.

  • A reliable later model vehicle to comfortably transport our dogs with up to date WOF, Rego and at least 3-rd party insurance. A hatch or smaller wagon is best suited. Sedan types are typically not well suited. We are able to provide a backup vehicle in emergencies if needed.

  • Have a solid understanding of what an independent contract entails (no holiday or sick pay is provided for) as you essentially contract to us and we pay you for those services. You are responsible for your own I.R.3 tax payments and record keeping and any associated A.C.C payments.

  • A reliable smartphone with adequate data as we use a cloud based GPS tracking, client booking and walk reporting system.

  • An honest personality with a very high level of trust and integrity is a must as we do enter people’s properties and on occasion their homes.

  • Background check to confirm your credentials for this position.

Important to note

  • Full Time hours are not available at this stage. We are looking for people residing on the North Shore, Auckland area and preferably live close to the dogs they will be responsible for walking on a weekly basis.

  • This is a fun and varied way to make some extra money. However this is not the job to rely on paying all your weekly expenses.

  • Whilst we can offer some flexibility, we are looking for people who can commit to being an available walker on a regular part-time Monday through Friday basis 9am - 1:30pm.

  • We look for people who can learn well and follow our directives, who have a natural affinity with dogs and humans. Reliability and good time keeping management is also a big plus. 

  • You will not be able to bring your own dog along on walks.


If you believe you fit the above requirements, please go ahead and complete the Independent Contractor Application below and we will be in touch.

Lil Luka Dog Walks - Independent Contractor Application

Thank you for applying with us.

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