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Lil Luka Dog Walks was founded by Billy Douglas in September 2014 to serve busy professionals and all dog owners on the North Shore. Billy is a dog lover who feels a 'natural rapport' with dogs and other pets. She always had a vision to build a business that would serve the local community and add value to the lives of her customers and their pets.

Lil Luka's team covers most local suburbs on the Shore -  Glenfield / Milford / Campbells Bay / Castor Bay / Forrest Hill / Torbay / Oteha Valley / Birkenhead / Northcote etc. Please contact us or complete our Meet & Greet form to go over your dog’s  requirements, overall behaviour and fitness level and any allergies your dog may have.




Did you always like dogs?

For as long as I can remember dogs have naturally been attracted to me. Whenever I found myself in their presence it was as if some magical doggie instinct took over and they would approach me whether I wanted them to or not.  I have always found dogs company tremendously comforting.

Dogs have been a part of my life since I was five years old and my parents had friends with Great Danes and decided we must have one in our family unit as well. So that was the breed that I first got to know and understand with their big gentle and caring ways. I loved walking big “Jodie” around our local neighborhood and relished any chance to attend a dog show, although Jodie was not show dog perfect (she had come to us with a few breed faults) she was however most perfect to me.

From flatting with friends who always had a Rotti or a Mastiff Ridgeback cross of some description mooching around to my own lovely dogs over the years. My life would just quite simply not be complete without dogs around me.

Why did you start a dog walking business?

It was after some true soul searching and a fair amount of dissatisfaction with “normal” employment that my decision to start up my own small dog walking business came about in 2014. Like a small fire that you just know needs some good stoking I took a big chance and so I went for it. From a humble Lil Luka Dog walk flyer in local North Shore letter boxes to my first website and word of mouth, my local reputation as a competent reliable dog walker has grown and is now nine years later something that I am very proud of.

What does the name Lil Luka stand for?

The name Lil Luka Dog Walks came about purely from wanting to remember and honor my beautiful old dog Luka. The deeply felt desire to set up my own business to walk dogs had been building. Honoring my best mate with her name for my business I always knew it would be Lil Luka something. Learning the tricks of the trade took a bit longer and are always ongoing as you never really “know it all”.

Do you have any helpers?

For the past three years I have had dog walking helpers or handlers come on board and walk a few dogs each per day to help me with the on going growth of my business. I am very dutiful about whom I do have on my team walking my clients' dogs. Having access to homes and properties is a massive responsibility that I do not take at all for granted, the trust and integrity that is given when house keys are handed over and we collect your beautiful dog is not taken lightly. My reputation is everything to me. Our walkers bring their own special skills and experience with animals and build a strong bond with your dogs. Regular catch ups between myself and my team take place whilst on a walk with your dog to make sure everyone is happy and things are being done in the correct manner.

I absolutely appreciate my team of helpers as we could not move forward without them. 

What do you think about the dog walking services boom?

My belief is that the whole dog walking hype has truly been jumped upon and we bandy around terms and flash words none of which your dog really cares about at all. What they do care about is getting out and about with a reliable fun caring human who looks after them, gives them a great experience in their allocated time of fun, play and sniffs out and about in nature.

I believe having a strong understanding of dog’s body language is crucial as about 80% of a canine’s communication is expressed this way. Any experienced dog walker needs to know how to keep them safe and be on the look out for any potential hazards or dangerous situations. 


It is our commitment to give your dog a positive, safe and fun experience.

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